Power, Heating, & AC

Heated tents, air conditioned tents, and fans provide an exceptional level of comfort for your guests. Outdoor heaters and air conditioning units are available for all tents and connecting walkways. All outdoor heaters and tent AC units are connected to a thermostat inside your tent for quick access and convenience. Heated or air-conditioned tents create a comfortable environment for events regardless of weather conditions outside.


When events reach a scale that requires more than 3 or
4 circuits, it becomes necessary to consider power options beyond
simply running extension cords to a house. One option is a portable
generator. We offer the Whisper Watt generator, which has become
the industry standard for quiet, efficient power. We can provide a
variety of generator and power distribution options to handle most
event requirements.

Power Cords

For smaller events, we offer heavy gauge power cords
capable of delivering power up to 200 feet.

Tent Heaters

These propane-fired heaters sit outside the tent and
require an electric power source. A duct running under the sidewall
blows hot air into the tent.

Patio Heaters

Affectionately known as “mushroom” heaters, these
versions are a little over seven feet high and radiate heat. They are
propane fueled and do not require a power source.


We offer fans designed specifically for tents. These small, quiet
units provide a surprising amount of air circulation, are 12 inches
wide, and mount on side poles out of the way of guests.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is available upon request.