Testimonials from our clients

We have the privilege of participating in some of our customers’ most significant life events, and we are always grateful to hear about the details afterwards. Below is a sampling of thoughts after the big day.

“As we have been enjoying the pictures from the wedding, we marvel again and again at the magical beauty of your tents. They made it feel like Camelot and created just the perfect setting for the festivities.
Please send our thanks to your crew. They did a wonderful job setting up the tents and taking them down, despite the heat. They were pleasant and professional throughout.
We are complete converts to the Sperry Tents look! Thanks so much for creating a special part of what was a joyous event.”

“Thank you so much for your care and attention over the past months as we planned our wedding. The tent was beautiful – I tell everyone we got a couture tent and your help in all of the details was soothing, reassuring, and also accurate! We appreciate your flexibility and willingness to work with us so wholeheartedly. Sperry Tents is a great company!”

“Thanks so much for all your help and support in providing your wonderful tents for our daughter’s wedding last Saturday.
‘Beautiful,’ ‘medieval,’ and ‘a touch of Camelot’ were all words we heard in connection with the Sperry Tents. So many people commented on their grace and beauty. Both the bride and groom were thrilled – not to mention the parents!
But most of all, thank you for all your patience as we made numerous last-minute calls concerning heaters, generators, and tent flaps. Everything went off without a hitch! Many, many thanks.”

“Thank you for giving us three of your beautiful tents for our daughter’s wedding. We received many compliments about the poles, the fabric, the lights, and the shape. And, in fact, the golden light inside at night was unforgettable. Your crew was polite and patient, and this meant a lot to us. All in all, thanks.”