Sailcloth Wedding and Event Tents

Experience in the Wedding Industry

Sperry Tents was born from the accidental inspiration of an accomplished sail maker and craftsman, Steve Sperry.

While preparing for a large gathering of friends and family, Steve worked “after hours” at his sail loft to create a space for his growing guest list. He applied his design skills and working technical knowledge of fabrics to create a unique tent canopy.

Components of the original tent conveyed nautical flair: shapely hand-sewn panels of waterproof Dacron, stainless steel grommets, and lines with rigging cleats to secure the graceful creation. All center and side poles were made from native pine, milled at Steve’s sawmill. Although Steve’s first attempt at building a party tent was not intended to become an ever-growing part of his profession, he had unknowingly discovered a new market for his creativity.

From 1980 through 1994 the tent business was an interesting sideline for Sperry Sails. Steve’s sons, Tim and Matt, served as labor while also learning the principles of their father’s trade. Today, Sperry Sails and Sperry Tents are independent endeavors—yet, the father and two sons continue to work together.

While Steve and Matt have produced hundreds of unique tents in their design and production facility at Sperry Sails, Tim continues to grow Sperry Tents with operations now in Massachusetts, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, California, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Sperry Tents has provided an atmosphere of rustic elegance to a variety of locales, from the Caribbean and Ontario, Maine, to California and Tim’s own wedding in England during the summer of 2002.